First of all, to anyone reading this: Do not click the links! They all just lead to the author's (fairly shady looking) online course's website.

I disagree with most of the points mentioned in this article. Especially those false beliefs that you need money and good looks to attract women. Most of the girls I know agree that looks come second to personality. Surely healthy eating and taking decent care of your looks won't hurt, but it doesn't mean that no-one will ever love you.

And chasing a girl that you THINK is just playing "hard to get", but actually just isn't interested in you at all is just straight-out creepy and will just lead to a restraining order at best.

I'm also not a fan of using the label of a "Nice Guy" for guys who just aren't your typical alpha males and aren't too fond of dominating. A kind heart might not be sexy, but I think it will get you much further in a relationship than being a "bad guy".

I do, however, agree that personal hygiene (showering bi-monthly), extreme pickiness (expecting to date a porn-star), and a total lack of social skills (welcome to Finland) can have consequences.

Overall, in my opinion, just being friendly towards the opposite sex and not trying too hard is the best approach to find something that will last. If you're looking for a "super hot" one-nighter, then yes, probably checking all of these boxes will get you what you want.

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